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Schedule of Christiana
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Jan. 20 – 22 Retreat, with with Jorge Esponisa Valle de Bravo, Mexico WhatsApp
Feb. 4 – 5 Workshop, SVY Intensive Avitar, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico WhatsApp
Feb. 20 – 26 2023 SriTreat V, with Melanie Shank & Michael Cayuco Maya, Bacalar, Mexico > details here
Mar. 10 – 12 Shanta Vira Yoga, Introductory Workshop Studio 28, Torreon, Mexico
Mar. 17 – 19 Holistic Yoga Festival La Buena Vibra, Tepoztlan, Mexico festival website
Mar. 31 – April 2 Workshop, Anatomy Yoga Vidya, Dresden Germany
April 7 – 10 Easter Retreat, with Paula-Maria Villa Viriditas, Harz, Germany
April 15 Leipzig Yoga Day Leipzig, Germany
April 21 – 23 Workshop Akhanda Yoga, Hamburg, Germany
April 29 Workshop with Har Anand Yoga Center Sohung, Leipzig, Germany
May 8 – 14 Retreat, SVY Teachers Gathering Ananda Hof, Burkersdorf, Germany
May 29 – June 5 Retreat Golkoy, Bodrum, Turkey
June 9 – 11 Open Air Festival Eckernförde, Germany
June 16 – 18 Workshop, Mantra & Pranayama Yoga Vidya, Dresden Germany
June 23 – 25 Yoga United Festival Spree Camp Bagenz, Germany
July 7 – 9 Cat Cow Yoga Festival Hohenmölsen bei Leipzig, Germany
July 13 – 16 Ananada Spirit Festival Ananda Hof, Burkersdorf, Germany
October 2023 SVY Teacher Training Berlin, Germany > details here
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Zeitplan von Christiana Schedule of Christiana
Christiana bietet verschiedene Formate an, online oder face-to-face, Einzelunterricht oder Workshops, offene Klassen oder privat. Alle Angebote findest du auf Christiana offers various formats, online or face-to-face, individual classes or workshops, open classes or private. You can find all offers on
In Berlin unterrichtet sie im Moment in zwei Studios offene Klassen: In Berlin she is currently teaching open classes in two studios:

Donnerstags 10:00 bis 11:30 level 2

Donnerstags 18:15 bis 19:45 open level

Freitags 18:15 bis 19:45 open level


Thursdays 10.00 to 11.30 level 2

Thursdays 18.15 to 19.45 open level

Fridays 18.15 to 19.45 open level

NEU! Yoga im Panta Rhei – Bewegungszentrum
Choriner Straße 52 (EG, rechts)
10435 Berlin
NEW! Yoga at Panta Rhei – Bewegungszentrum
Choriner Straße 52 (ground floor, right side)
10435 Berlin

Dienstags 18:15 bis 19:45 Shanta Vira Yoga

Mittwochs 18:15 bis 19:45 basic/beginner

Tuesdays 18.15 to 19.45 Shanta Vira Yoga

Wednesdays 18.15 to 19.45 basic/beginner

Alle Termine sind von den Krankenkassen bezuschußt. 10 Termine mit einer Dauer von max. 12 Wochen. Gültig ab sofort! Nach Abschluss der 10 Termine kann ein Beleg bei der Krankenkasse eingereicht werden und ca. 80 % der Kursgebühr werden bis zu zwei Mal pro Jahr ersetzt. All appointments are subsidized by health insurance companies. 10 appointments with a maximum duration of 12 weeks. Valid immediately! After completing the 10 appointments, a receipt can be submitted to the health insurance company and around 80% of the course fee will be reimbursed up to twice a year.

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Schedule Michael

Sri Treat 5
with Melanie Shank and Michael Stewart

March 20 – 26 in 2023,  Cayuco Maya, Bacalar, Mexico

This retreat will be filled with yoga classes, meditations, kirtans, pujas, group dynamics, silence and laughter. We will be embraced by the Bacalar lagoon, disconnect from our normal daily activities, and connect deeply to our true nature. For more information please download the info flyer below.

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